Wood Floor/Furniture Cleaner Liquid Conc 5L for Wood, Plastic, Veneer, Steel

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  • It is a ready-to-use formulation; spray on the surface or microfiber and apply it on the surface to be cleaned. See the before and after results. Experience new-like shine on the surface.
  • Zimmer Aufraumen Pro Furniture Cleaner and Maintainer revives and restores the wooden and laminate surfaces to give a clean, smooth, and long-lasting shine. You can use it on all wooden furniture, wooden flooring & walls.
  • A small amount of product is required. It spreads easily and quickly, which saves time to get high coverage with minimum effort and cost savings. It does not affect the original surface polish, paint, or varnish.


It is ideal for Reinvigorating and Cleaning your Wooden and Laminate Furniture, and it Completely removes spots, smears, and stains. It’s a concentrated formula for cleaning Wooden and Laminate Furniture. SAFE FOR KIDS & PETS. It does not contain Aldehydes, Acetone, bleaches, Petro Derivatives, or Ethoxy Alcohols, which are not recommended in your living room as you have prolonged exposure. Safe for Kids & Pets for long-term exposure. ECONOMICAL: Concentrated. The money-saving solution, less than 200 ml, is required to make 1 Liter of Cleaning Solution. DISINFECTION: It contains Benzalkonium chloride (a safe but strong disinfectant salt). It is a safe disinfectant, which is popular even for Antiseptic Eye & Nasal drops. QUALITY STANDARDS ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: ZaGlobal India follows the same quality & Safety standards for its products in India as for European markets. Free of Non Biodegradable ingredients, it does create any negative environmental impact.


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