Zimmer Aufraumen take care of you and your loved ones. Our most of the products are manufactured without any Volatile components. So, Yes, Our products are safe for Kids, Pets or Pregnant women.


Most of our products are completely based on botanical antibacterial compounds, in contrast to conventional disinfectants like chlorine, bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds, or synthetic chemicals, which can be harmful when consumed; these work and are harmless. We have not conducted any external laboratory testing for 99.9% germ kill. It’s best to avoid using the chemicals needed for germ-killing in households since they can build up toxicity.


Our products have passed thorough evaluations in labs to confirm their efficacy and safety. We adore our pets and would never hurt them. So, Yes. Our Products are totally cruelty-free and verified.

Yes! Zimmer Aufraumen solely is using animal-free, truly vegetarian products that are derived from plants and bio-enzymes.

Yes, ZA India products are completely pH balanced for the surfaces on which they are used, thus preventing them from having an adverse effect.

Most of our products are completely based on botanical antibacterial compounds which are natural or naturally derived, and do not have allergic components. Tus our products are hypoallergenic in nature.

We use eco-friendly and recyclable pakaging materials which are also reusable many time.

After successfully pacing your order, you will recieve an e-mail and a whatsapp message with the tracking id from Zimmer Aufraumen and also get time to time updates about your offers.

Zimmer Aufraumen offers 

  • Cash on Delivery on your orders
  • Free shippment – No shipping charges
  • 4-6 working days Delivery Time
  • No Minimum Orders criteria
  • For prepaid orders- Secure Razorpay Payment Gateway (Net Banking/UPI/ATM or Debit Cards) 

You can Buy our products on our official website i.e. www.zaindia.com. Our Products are also available on Flipkart, Amazon India, JIO Mart, JD Mart and Industrybuying