Bio Enzymes Based Laundry Liquid Detergent (2L) – Front Load Machine

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Zimmer Aufraumen Front Load Liquid Detergent is low foaming and active enzyme blended concentrated liquid detergent for all kinds of fabrics. It has excellent emulsifying properties that give the fabric a brighter look. The particular safe bio enzymes based detergent formula delivers absolute cleansing for whites and your coloured clothes. It has added fabrics conditioners that soften the fabric and leave your clothes with a light fragrance. Its advanced nanotechnology helps faster stain removal in machines, and it penetrates clothes fibres much faster and removes tough stains in the washing machine itself. Removes tough soiling and accumulated yellowish layer on the clothes to prevent fast ageing.


Zimmer Aufraumen Front Load Liquid Detergent

Benefits of Bio Enzymes based Liquid Low Foam Detergent

    • Stain Removal: Zimmer Aufraumen power Laundry Liquid Detergent’s advanced nanotechnology helps faster stain removal in machines; it penetrates clothes fibers much faster and removes tough stains in the machine itself.
    • Colour Care: Although its fast action removes tough stains in machines but retains the original color of the fabric.
    • Fresh and Lingering fragrance: the mild natural fragrance boosters ensure that your clothes look not only fresh but also smell fresh for a longer time.
    • The softness of Clothes: added fabric conditioner protects the fiber of clothes and ensures softness of the clothes is maintained along with cleaning
    • Saves Water: Our High performing, the low foaming formula helps use lesser water per load of laundry, thereby saving at least 50*365 = 18250 liters of water per year.

How to Use:

Correct usage and dosage – 60 ml for front load, 80 ml for top load machines for best result per a load of laundry.
For Better Results: Use a cap full of Zimmer Aufraumen Water Softener Liquid to increase the efficiency of the Zimmer Aufraumen power Laundry Liquid Detergent for best results.

Application Area:

Zimmer Aufraumen Laundry Liquid Detergent can be used on all types of clothes- linen, cotton, synthetic. This low foaming high-efficiency laundry detergent is the best-suited front load washing machine but can be used for bucket wash & top load washing machine too.

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