Tile Cleaner (Non Acidic) For Floor & Walls (5 Liters)

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It is an effective and powerful Tile Cleaner Concentrate and can be used on various ceramic surfaces like all kinds of tiles, vitrified tiles, bathtubs, washbasin, outside of toilet bowls, and any other ceramic or porcelain surface.


Zimmer Aufraumen TILE CLEANER (Non-Acidic) for Floor & Walls

Zimmer Aufraumen TILE CLEANER  for Floor & Walls cleans and maintains, protects tiled floors and walls of Living room & kitchen Area. It completely controls the worth, life span & shine of the tiles as it completely acid-free mild solution. The smooth standards were achieved after following the “SAFE FOR KIDS & PETS” formulation.

The benefits of TILE CLEANER (Non-Acidic) for Floors & Walls:-

  • Zimmer Aufraumen TILE CLEANER (Non-Acidic) for Floor & Walls cleans and maintains, and protects marble, granite floors, and calcareous stone floors. It completely controls the worth, life span & natural look of the tiled flooring.
  • This powerful formula does not contain any ACID which can harm the natural texture of the floor in any possible way and yet cleans effectively.
  • Removes all types of soiling, dirt, dust, grime, and yellow appearance from the natural floors without affecting its surface.
  • How to use: Dilution: 200 ml in 800 ml of water. Spread it over the area to be cleaned, for heavy soiling or accumulated dirt, scrub with a soft scrubber and clean with water. For everyday cleaning applies the diluted solution and mop the floor.


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