Car Wash Shampoo With Silicone Oils & Micro Wax Coating Technology

Enhance Your Car's Shine and Protection with Silicon Oils & Micro Wax Coating Technology Car Wash Shampoo

In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, driving a car is a must for many. It doesn’t matter if you use your car for daily commutes or on thrilling road trips; making sure it is clean and maintained is vital. Shampoos for car washing are essential to maintaining the appearance and endurance of your car. 

In this blog, we will examine the advantages of Zimmer Aufraumen’s Car Wash Shampoos infused with silicone oils and microwax coating technology and how it can transform your routine for washing your car.

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What not to use on Cars?

Remember, it’s always best to use products specifically designed for automotive use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results.

  • Avoid using regular household cleaners, such as dish soap, window cleaners, or all-purpose cleaners on your car’s exterior 
  • Stay away from cleaners that contain ammonia, such as glass cleaners. Ammonia can damage window tints and rubber seals over time. 
  • Be cautious of using low-quality or unapproved car care products. They may not provide sufficient protection or can have adverse effects on the paint, trim, or other surfaces. 

The Benefits of Car Wash Shampoo With Silicone Oils & Micro Wax Coating Technology.


  • Enhancing shine and gloss: 

Silicone oils in car wash shampoos act as excellent shine enhancers for your vehicle’s exterior. This extra layer also shields against environmental contaminants such as dirt, dust, and UV rays. 

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  • Improved Water Beading and Hydrophobic Properties: 

Micro wax coating technology takes the effectiveness of car wash shampoos a step further. It introduces hydrophobic properties that make water bead up and slide off the surface effortlessly.

  • Protection against UV rays and oxidation: 

Your vehicle is protected from harmful UV radiation and oxidation by the silicone oils and micro wax coating technology. Additionally, the micro wax coating technology helps slow the oxidation process, preserving the quality of your vehicle’s exterior. 

  • Easy Application and Long-Lasting Effects: 

Car wash shampoos with silicone oils and micro wax coating technology are designed for easy application. Dilute the shampoo according to the instructions, apply it with a sponge or mitt, and rinse thoroughly. By doing this, you’ll eventually save time, effort, and money while keeping your car’s perfect appearance. 

  • Compatibility with Different Car Surfaces: 

Car wash shampoos infused with silicone oils and micro wax coating technology suit various car surfaces, including clear coats, glass, chrome, and plastic. 

How to Use Car Wash Shampoo?

Fill the bucket with water according to the instructions on the car wash shampoo bottle. Add the recommended amount of shampoo to the water and agitate it to create a soapy solution.



Car wash shampoos with silicone oils and microwax coating technology offer a game-changing solution for enthusiasts and everyday car owners.

By investing in these advanced formulations, you can achieve a superior shine, enhanced protection, and increased durability for your vehicle’s exterior. With their easy application and long-lasting effects, these shampoos are convenient and cost-effective. Make the most of your car washing routine by incorporating this innovative technology and enjoying the satisfaction of a gleaming, well-protected vehicle for years to come.

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